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Hello my name is Kyngrose ext 774. I have the characteristics of a Heyoka. A Heyoka is a powerful empath who mirrors a person to show them what they need to look at in themselves, to examine their doubts,fears,hatreds,and weaknesses. I help each individual uncover the deepest parts of themselves that they may have buried because of trauma. I also Help them to reconnect with their inner child. Most adults are still children because of the parts of themselves that they have not yet integrated. I have been a reader now for 3 years I am very open minded person, compassionate, understanding and sensitive. Being an empath as well I feel a lot of what a person has gone through. I also use Oracle cards for guidance regarding issues with money, relationships, health, and goals, letting you know what needs to be dealt with first before proceeding towards those achievements


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Laura from NJ Reading with Kyngrose at Ext 774

Kyngrose is exceptionally gifted and gave powerful and very clear advice. He was able to explain some things I couldn't sort out and provide some great tips to get me to the next level in life.