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My name is Merlin (extension 177), and I have over 40 years of experience as a professional life coach and psychic counselor. I use my natural gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudient hearing from spirit guides provide exceptional insight into your current situation and give you straightforward guidance for the future. My on-the-spot intuition as an empath is incredibly accurate and revealing. I am confident, grounded, sincere, patient, and understanding with all who seek my counsel, providing upbeat and well-rounded psychic readings for many of the challenges in life. I specialize in romance and relationships, but I also interpret dreams, read past lives, communicate with pets, and practice hypnosis.


Testimonials for Merlin

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Cheri from FL Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

Merlin is an excellent reader and person. He is professional, kind, and respectful. I am happy I found this reader.

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Diane from MA Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

Its been quite sometime since speaking with Merlin....Only because, he's on much later (in the wee hours of the morning) and I'm usually asleep....However, tonight I woke up and found he was logged in and called him...It was like speaking with a long lost friend....He remembered me and was so kind and so gentle with his words....(I've missed him so much)....He's a wonderful psychic...tuned into everything and described my situation and (my) person of interest to a tee.....His insights and suggestions are amazingly accurate....

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Liz from GA Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

Merlin gave me an accurate reading, unbelievable, he saw the situation as though he was right there when it happen, he's the real deal

Speaking with Merlin is like talking with a lovely old friend. He's sweet and down to earth and gets right down to the heart of the matter. His readings will leave you in awe of his gifts and kindness towards his clients.

Diane from MA  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

I think Merlin x177 immediately picked up on my situation and tuned into the details of what was transpiring. I am sure his predictions will transpire!

- Janell from CO,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

thanks! Merlin made me feel so much better!!!

- Margaret from PA,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

A few months back I was going through a tough time! Merlin saw a lot of good things coming my way. He told me in detail. He also told me that a large sum of money was coming my way! Which came true:) Merlin is my favorite because he is so easy to talk to he gives me hope ad has a wonderful gift!

- Jenny from NC,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

This is the first time I have ever got a reading from Merlin to me he was excellent !!!! I would definitely get another reading from him . His psychic ability is amazing I feel you will not be disappointed and feel great after your reading!

- Carmen from NJ,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177