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Hello my name is Theresa. I am at Ext. 189. I am an empathic, tarot card reader. I also perform psychic readings and past life readings. I’m a very positive reader. I love going into depth and giving detail about certain situations or visions that I might have. I enjoy helping my clients through any aspect of their lives that they seem to be having a challenge and at that time. I also like to offer my gifts in a way where they’ll be beneficial to help out within difficult circumstances that you might be going through. I have over 20 years of experience. I am a fourth-generational spiritualist. Yes I am very positive, but I don’t hold back the truth. I will always be honest with my clients about everything that I see. If a relationship is not good for you, I’m going to let you know. I want you to be at the best place in your life that you can possibly be at. I cover career, love, relationships, relationships. Love is offered to everyone. Kindness is so important. Acceptance and love is so important. My goal in your reading is to always make sure that you leave the reading with more information and a deeper understanding of where you’re going.


Testimonials for Theresa

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Nancy from MA Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"Thank You Teresa, May God Bless You and Yours. Your calm, clear, and kind/nurturing reading was just what I needed to "reset" myself and get back to me. (Reading was regarding my work/profession and family) To date I have called Teresa over a dozen times and every time she has been spot on, including about the wonderful relationship I have been in with my significant other for over 2 years (which had encouraged back when we he and I had first met after I had already been through so difficult experiences that I had begun to lose hope and faith)."

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Gina from NJ Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"Theresa was very warm and compassionate and left me feeling positive about what's to come."

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A.B. from IL Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"I LOVED HER! Will use her again for sure, maybe even tomorrow!"

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Rosa from IL Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

“She was great!”

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K.A. from CA Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"She picked up on a lot of things no one else has. Easy to talk to. Very helpful accurate. Great advise."

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Julie from GA Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"She was spot on!"

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CF from FL Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"Theresa is pretty good. She was very respectful. Very nice. Wanted to help. She was accurate about my current situation. Thanks Theresa! I'll be calling you again!"

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Dawn from NJ, Reading with Theresa at Ext 189

"Theresa was a great reader. Lots and lots of info and quickly. Felt I got a lot in a little bit of time."